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The Three I.T. Goes offer sales and support for POS Lavu's revolutionary iPad point of sale system*. POS Lavu is Apple Certified software, obtainable through The Apple App Store, which provides a wireless, responsive point of sale experience. The completed system is a fraction of the price of traditional Point of Sale solutions while providing you with cloud based management of your point of sale data in a secure, off-site location.

Our hardware installation features a secure locking stand and can be adapted to a variety of front of house locations. The many features of the POS Lavu software allows you to customize a versatile sales solution while minimizing back end hardware through cloud based computing.  This system is fully featured and capable of accommodating a single register, a five console restaurant, or even multiple business sites.

Below is an in depth look at each software package, as well as a standard hardware setup for each.

Lavu Silver

A POSLavu Silver License is the entry level to this amazing iPad based Point Of Sale system. A Silver License includes all the features you need to get started with this revolutionary POS and start ringing up customers today.

Lavu Gold

A POSLavu Gold License is the Intermediate level to this amazing iPad based Point Of Sale system. A Gold License allows you to use two iPads and up to 10 iPods or iPhones putting the power of POSLavu into your wait staffs hands. The Gold Level Lavu is great for larger restaurants and any situtation where two registers is a must.

Lavu Platinum

A POSLavu Platinum License will unleash the power of POSLavu. With the Platinum level license you can use up to 10 ipads with no limits on any other devices. This level of Lavu can be adapted to the needs of just about any facility.