Q & A

Lots of people ask this stuff.

This section is an overview of the questions we normally get, and their short, no nonsense answers.
Alot of this stuff is explained in more detail elsewhere on the site.

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How much will this all cost?

A normal Silver install is roughly $3000,
Standard Gold installs are around $5500,
& Platinum installs allow for many customizations and features and generally will be quoted at least $8000.
Of course, these are averages... your install may be more or less depending on features and options.

How long will it take?

We recommend planning on it taking 7-14 days,
And part of how fast it can be done will depend on you and your business.
The Three I.T. Goes are all sorts of flexible when it comes to matters like this.
We can expedidite the install process, and provide estimates for cost on a case by case basis.

What do I get for my money?

We sell you a POSLavu software license (POSLavu provides secure hosting for a monthly fee.),
A complete system will also include the items on the recommended hardware list, and likely, a few of the optional items as well.
The Three I.T. Goes can order hardware, install, configure, and provide frontline support for your complete system. Or we can also be your help desk and provide guidance while you perform a self-installation.
Our level of involvment is generally established during our initial sales meeting and site survey.

What happens when my internet connection goes down?

POSLavu is cloud-based software & requires a constant connection to our secure servers. If you are concerned about your connection or its reliability, a 3G/4G backup connection may be the answer. The Three I.T. Goes also offer a number of different solutions that will provide additional levels of backup and security.

Lavu Local is now available. Please contact us for details on this brand new service, brought to you by the always-evolving POSLavu.

What type/size of restaurant can use POSLavu?

From small coffeeshops to large fine-dining establishments, POSLavu software can be scaled to fit any operation and has the features to support it.
The Three I.T. Goes & POSLavu can also handle multi-location accounts and corporate-level clients.

Is POSLavu PCI compliant?

We recommend TGate for a processing gateway, Which accepts tokenized, encrypted data from the iDynamo swipe devices which are integrated with POSLavu and are fully PCI compliant and secure.
The Three I.T. Goes & POSLavu do not handle any unencrypted, sensitive data.
POSLavu servers are 3rd party hosted through Rackspace. The server hardware is held to the same standards of PCI compliance.