What could I do with a Mobile App?

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There is alot you can do with mobile apps these days...
And this is opening the door to get creative with how you can use apps to do things you never thought possible, or were at least really expensive before. You can reach thousands with a well designed and. This reach is only part of what makes producing a mobile app for your business so powerful.

1. Manage Social Media.
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?
Social Media sites have a massive amounts of traffic and are a great way to increase your businesses visibility.

2. Mobile Office
More people everyday are using Mobile Apps to access schedules and documents on the go. Directly from their mobile device.

3. Track billable time.
Oversee offsite employees by tracking time spent, geographic location, billable labor, travel time to increase the accuracy of invoicing.

4. Process payments.
Whether you run a delivery service, sell wares at outdoor markets or otherwise work without a conventional storefront, having the ability to process credit and debit card payments directly from your phone helps ensure that you won't miss out on any important sales. Simply key the card information to initiate security enhanced transactions through your merchant account, and even print out customer receipts using a portable printer.

5. Complete forms. Help make sure that your mobile employees capture complete, accurate and timely data by allowing them to fill out and submit forms on their smartphones. Choose from a variety of industry-specific forms or create new ones, and even add photos and geographic location information. Allow for more discreet data collection, and help employees save the time of faxing forms or submitting them at the office.

6. Record and access digital files.