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Mission Statement:
'It is our mission to collaboratively leverage existing sytems & information to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace while using idioms to render the statement of our mission unintelligible.'
-The Three I.T. Goes

The Three I.T. Goes are a dynamic technology company established in Minneapolis, MN.
We are focused on two aims, developing quality mobile applications. As well as supplying quality POSLavu Service, Support & Installation.
The Three I.T. Goes are knowledgeable and experienced POS Lavu Distributors, as well as qualified service technicians to ensure our customers receive low pricing, reliable delivery, sales support, along with pre and post sales technical support.

The Three I.T. Goes can help with alot of stuff, so if you aren't quite sure, please feel free to contact us and ask.
We are always tinkering, experimenting, plotting and planning ways to make to better our service to our clients. The Three I.T. Goes staff, both technical and sales, is constantly updating their skills in all aspects of business services, so that they continue to provide up to-date information on what solutions will best suit you and your business. Also be able to provide accurate prices, the best technology and maintain the ability to support to our clients on this ever evolving landscape of nerdy goodness.
Product Selection The Three I.T. Goes offers a full range of quality products and services to help small businesses. A conscious decision to only supply quality products has led to major benefits for our customers in uptime, efficiency and long term costs.
We partner with Local Businesses to help us assure that our products work, are cost effective and stand the test of time.